What Is XpressInsight and How It Can Revolutionize Your Business?

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Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions are the backbone of any modern enterprise. However, building a customized solution from scratch can be both time-consuming and costly, while off-the-shelf solutions often fall short of meeting business-specific demands. That’s where XpressInsight comes in. In this blog, we’ll explore what XpressInsight is, how it differs from traditional solutions, and how it can revolutionize your business.

XpressInsight represents the middle ground between building custom data warehouses from scratch and purchasing ready-made solutions. With XpressInsight, you can create a customized data warehouse in 90 days or less, with up to 60% deployment time reduction. How is that possible, you may ask? Our secret is our patented Framework as a Service (FaaS) approach.

By reusing pre-built software code components, we developed a powerful framework that can vastly accelerate the data warehouse deployment process. All you need to do is create a custom data model and map the data sources. We provide you with industry-specific data model templates to choose from, as well as data source connectors that make the mapping process even smoother. The result is a highly flexible and cost-effective data warehouse solution that meets your business needs.

One of the essential benefits of XpressInsight is the pricing model. Unlike traditional custom data warehouses that can cost a fortune, XpressInsight offers software licensing pricing, providing the best of both worlds. CIOs can enjoy maximum flexibility in delivering a powerful data warehouse, while CFOs can have greater cost control. This pricing model allows your business to achieve Return on Investment faster while keeping your budget under control.

Another strength of XpressInsight is its scalability. As your business grows, your data needs change. XpressInsight can grow with you, thanks to its modular design. We’ve optimized our solution to be easily scalable without sacrificing performance. This means you can keep growing without needing to invest in an entirely new data warehouse solution.


In conclusion, XpressInsight is a game-changing solution for businesses seeking efficient and cost-effective data warehouse and BI capabilities. With its Framework as a Service approach, software licensing pricing, scalability, and powerful BI capabilities, XpressInsight can help businesses achieve Return on Investment faster while keeping costs under control. If you’re interested in learning more about XpressInsight and how it can benefit your business, reach out to our team and get started today.

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