What Is XpressIsight?


Create A Customized Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Solution to Solve Your Business Needs in 90 Days or Less.

While recognizing there is no such thing as a one size fits all data warehouse solution, there is a middle ground to be reached between building a new data warehouse from scratch, and purchasing something out of a box that only gets you 70% of the way there.


XpressInsightTM is that middle ground.



With XpressInsight you will cut the time to deploy a Data Warehouse by 60% and do it at a fraction of the cost. How is this possible? With our Framework as a Service (FaaS) approach, we took every possible reusable piece of software code and turned it into a a very powerful framework. It literally comes down to create your custom data warehouse data model and map the source data. We have data model templates per industry to choose from and data source connectors to speed up this process as well.


XpressInsight is is a custom data warehouse at software licensing pricing. Most flexibility for the CIO to delivery a powerful data warehouse and cost control for the CFO to provide the best of both worlds.